Minnesota Street Project Art Services provides an all-encompassing art handling and collection management solution.


  • Knowledgeable and experienced art handlers
  • Trained to install large scale artworks, as well as small pieces, including 2D and 3D works
  • Able to assist with onsite preparation and follow-up
  • Courteous and respectful of privacy and time limitations

Transportation + Packing

  • Local Bay Area transportation and deliveries in our vehicles
  • Long distance shipping coordination using trusted partners
  • Professional packing, including international-standard construction
  • Long and short-term packaging for 2D and 3D artworks
  • Door-to-door international shipping including preparation and monitoring of all customs and tax documents


To help meet all of our clients’ needs, Minnesota Street Project coordinates a range of services not typically managed by art storage and service providers. Our client services team works with vetted and trusted outside resources that we hold to our standards and seamlessly integrate with our in-house services. Some coordination services include:

  • Custom crate construction
  • Appraisals for both insurance and estate purposes
  • Conservation and framing
  • Recommendations of and coordination with art advisors
  • Integration of our tools with outside collection management systems

Viewing Rooms

Our large viewing room (26’ x 26’) is a flexibly lit, gallery quality, white box space with 15 ft. high walls. This space includes an adjoining room ideal for showcasing multimedia or smaller scale works. Viewing room walls are level-5 painted drywall backed with ½” plywood.

Upon client request, our team can install works in this viewing room for appraisals, events, client viewings, and other needs.

A secondary viewing and photography room (21.5’ x 16’) includes a selection of tiered viewing displays, ideal for photographing artworks and for client viewings.

Large Viewing Room (26’ x 26’)

Secondary Viewing and Photography Room (21.5’ x 16’)