Climate Controlled

Our climate controlled storage encompasses over 85,000 ft3 in our secure warehouse. We use sophisticated, modern technology to maintain museum standard conditions, including:

  • Temperature maintained at 70 degrees F (+/- 5 degrees)
  • Relative humidity levels maintained at 50% (+/- 5 %), optimized for long-term conservation
  • Ceilings and exterior walls waterproofed and retrofitted for extra protection
  • Motion sensor lighting to ensure spaces are only lit when people are present
  • Customizable racking, allowing for the most efficient space utilization and accommodation of oversized and uniquely shaped works
  • Flat file storage using archival preservation materials
  • 24/7 video surveillance of all storage areas and access points
  • Controlled access with fob and key entries
  • Ability to create secure, private, dedicated storage areas for large collections
  • Environmental, security, and history monitored onsite and remotely with 24/7 alerting and response
  • Pre-action (normally dry) sprinkler system to provide fire safety without risk of water damage from system failures


Our unconditioned storage encompasses more than 15,000 ft3 in our warehouse. We recommend unconditioned storage for empty crates, pedestals, and outdoor sculpture. Details include:

  • Customizable racking
  • Controlled access with fob entry
  • 24/7 video surveillance and environmental monitoring

Cold Storage

Our state-of-the-art cold storage is optimized for long-term storage of analog or digital media and is unique in the Bay Area. Features include:

  • Temperature maintained at 52 degrees F (+/- 2)
  • Relative humidity levels maintained at 50% (+/- 2.5%)
  • 24/7 environmental monitoring with remote alerting and response
  • Flexible racking and flat file capacity using pH neutral archival boxes and/or anti-static bags for electronic components

Facilities + Security

We operate a state-of-the-art, secure, client friendly, museum standard facility. Highlights include:

  • Metal-frame, seismically safe building on a substantial concrete slab
  • 24/7 video surveillance of the interior and exterior of the building and all areas of storage, including motion intrusion alarms throughout
  • Tightly controlled and monitored fob and key card access to the warehouse and secure storage areas
  • Comprehensive fire protection and sprinklers
  • Monthly inspections to ensure a pest free environment
  • Integrated building management controls that facilitate system maintenance and provide for immediate, 24/7 response to environmental or security issues
  • Automated inventory and tracking system with anonymized barcodes for added client protection
  • Close relationships with police, fire authorities, and insurance providers
  • 19’ roll-up doors and large indoor truck bays allowing for safe and private load-ins and load-outs
  • Ample off-street parking and comfortable reception and viewing areas with free guest WiFi