Our in-house technology team is constantly developing new ways to improve the art storage and collection management experience. Our proprietary technology includes:

  • State-of-the-art building controls for robust, 24/7 management of environmental conditions, security, and warehouse access
  • Proprietary software for storage, warehouse, and client service management
  • Comprehensive collection management tools linked to our warehouse systems and made available to our storage clients
  • Unique systems and protocols for storage and conservation of technology and media based artworks


Our proprietary warehouse management system, ClienTracker, allows our team to:

  • Track all objects in our warehouse using anonymous client codes and secure barcodes
  • Record and track artwork files and metadata in our digital storage system
  • Associate and track multiple physical and digital objects, and any related photos and documents
  • Recall exact locations of all objects in our warehouse at any time
  • Store and download condition reports, contracts, and other documentation associated with artworks and objects
  • Store and view bills of lading and other information relevant to handling and transportation services
  • Store, manage, and download multiple hi-res photos per artwork and object
  • Instantly report how much and what types of storage is used by the artworks, objects, and collections that clients store in our warehouse
  • Provide customized reports
  • Maintain and securely replicate all data and stored documents on our servers in multiple physical locations using Amazon Web Services


ARTracker is the client facing version of our management software and provides our clients a real-time, online view into our warehouse data, stored documents, and photos. It is provided free of charge to clients using our concierge-level services and allows password protected access to data associated with client accounts.

ARTracker provides two online views:

Storage View shows data, photos, and documents associated with a client’s artworks and objects that we manage in our warehouse. For clients not interested in using our tools for more all-encompassing collection management, this view provides all the information that is required to find and download documents and photos and to keep track of their stored work and what we are billing them for.

Collection View is a full-featured collection and content management system that automatically links and imports artwork data from Storage View. It allows client entry of additional works and additional data about works such as acquisition and deaccession information, provenance, insurance appraisals, exhibition histories, artist information, detailed location data, photos, loan documents, ephemera, and more. Data entered by our clients in Collection View is securely stored, backed up, and replicated on servers we maintain at Amazon Web Services. This information is segregated from other clients’ databases, and is only accessible to us with specific permission.

ARTracker is accessible from any computer, phone, or tablet with an internet connection and can be customized by us to meet the needs of individual clients, advisors, galleries, and institutions.